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Posted on February 13, 2016 at 10:25 AM

I know it's been awhile, life got in the way but I made a promise to myself when the new year started to indulge in my craft more.   In the past few years I have averaged only a handful of projects a year.   To date in 2016 I have completed 7 new projects with an 8th almost done.

Two Artfully Simple Infinity Scarves   This is a quick project, about 4 hours, and the results really make a statement.

2 Slouchys

The Hadley Slouch in Peony 

Improvised from a basic hat pattern

Chi Town Crochet Cowl by Kathy Kelly

Chunky V-Stich Scarf, Improvised

Arugala Scarf

Today it's really cold here in Michigan so I am going to bundle up, pick up my hook and see what happens.

Stay warm, see you again soon.

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